Weekender's Recovery

1hr  |  
(Reduced fee for blocks of 5+)

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Release your toxins and re-balance your energy after a heavy weekend to get you mentally and physically prepared for the new week ahead.


The Weekender's Recovery sessions are aimed at party-goers, people who have hit their weekend's hard and who burn the candle at both ends. The sessions are group classes that focus on rebalancing our chakra energies through vigorous and dynamic yoga sequences that will also activate the body and drive out toxins. I take a non-judgemental approach to help and support you through your journey to restore and control your mind, body and energy. Each week's class will centre around better understanding different key areas that can affect our lives and hold back our productivity, including: addiction, FoMO (fear of missing out anxiety), hedonism, hangovers & comedowns, self-confidence, exhaustion, and resilience.​


The classes are on a Sunday in a small group between 6-8, each class is 1hr long and costs _ per person. ​They can also be bought in bundles of 5+ at a reduced rate.


If your addictions are seriously damaging your work life and relationships you should speak to your GP or seek help from the services found in additional support below.

Session type: group class (between 6-8)

Location: yoga & wellness villa, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Additional Support: www.mind.org.uk; www.menrus.co.uk;

To speak to someone anonymously about any kind of addiction, you can also call the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90