Office Breaker

30min  |  

1hr  |  
(Reduced fee for blocks of 10+)

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Take time out to de-stress and revive your body while you’re overloaded at work. Restoring your focus and cognitive well-being.


The Office Breaker programme starts with a workplace wellbeing assessment so it can be tailored to your needs. This programme incorporates elements of mindfulness practice and meditation to work with your mental and emotional wellbeing. Together we will also work through a range of stretches and short exercises to relieve the common physical tension resulting from desk jobs. The programme will help you to overcome the challenges you are facing in your work environment and improve your health and performance.

The sessions are either 30mins at _ or 1hour at _ and can be bought in bundles of 10+ at a reduced rate. Sessions can be arranged around your working-day, at your convenience, and can be run remotely online, within your office, or at an appropriate location in or around your place of work e.g a meeting room, a garden square, or a local park.  

Session type: one-to-one

Location: online, your place of work