Mind & Brain Balance

1hr  |  

(Reduced fee for blocks of 5+)


Through targeting areas of the brain, we can influence our neurological behaviour and support positive mental health & performance  


This session focuses on specific approaches that help us to target and stimulate key areas of the brain. We will perform heightened yoga meditations and breathing techniques, Kriya, to attain both immediate and long-term positive benefits for the brain. Using sound, motion and respiration we activate all of our senses, awakening our brain and rejuvenating our energy. This practice aims to:   


• Improve cerebral blood flow - to help you think better and more clearly
• Improve blood flow to the posterior cingulated gyrus - to improve memory retrieval/recall
• Increase activity in the frontal lobe - sharpen attention, concentration, and focus  

• Increase energy levels and lower cortisol levels - to reduce stress, improve sleep quality and mood

• Replenish vital neurotransmitters and brain chemicals - to support brain functionality

• Overall improve both short and long-term psychological health and spiritual well being 

The classes are in a small group between 6-8, each class is 1hr long. ​


If you have concerns about your mental health or memory problems you should speak to your GP.

Session type: group class (between 6-8)

Location: yoga & wellness villa, Palma de Mallorca, Spain